Parents Club News

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Delivery of our Mango orders will be in December. Stay tuned for further details regarding the delivery date.

A reminder that Lunch orders are via the Qkr app and no orders can be made later than Wednesday at 9am and no orders can be accepted at the shop or direct to reception at school.

Mango orders are all finished up and delivery will be in December. We’ll let you know the date once confirmed.

Any questions, yell out. That's it from us, any questions, feedback or fundraising ideas, please send us an email on

Our 2021 Parents Club constists of the following people:
President: Leah Ladson,
Vice President: Nicole Cox,
Treasurer: Stacey Lakey and
Secretary: Bec Hammond.

Along with Terrie McKenzie, Melissa McDonald, Naomi Clarke, Lisa Bradley, Jessica Hope and Jodie Tyler as general committee members. We are looking forward to a successful 2021!