Student of the Week

Marong Primary School ‘Students of the Week’ are recognised for demonstrating our school values of ‘Responsibility,’ ‘Honesty’ and ‘Respect.’ We acknowledge the following students for their efforts this week;

Prep - Ryker M
Ryker has shown some great listening and wonderful independence this week. His writing neatness has improved immensely and he is really applying himself to all tasks. Ryker is showing that he is becoming a leader in our classroom which is fantastic to see. Well done Ryker we are VERY proud of you!

Grade One/Two Stacey - Sienna N

This genius has been a solid stand out this week, especially in her numeracy lessons. She has been unstoppable in fractions and is working harder than ever! Her build of the shopping mall is coming along nicely and she has truly been an all-round super star! Well done Sienna!

Grade One/Two Saddlier/Patching - Kyle M

Kyle has regularly been displaying all of the school values. Kyle consistently puts in 100% effort with everything he does. He applies himself to all work tasks and always gives his best effort. Kyle also helps others in our grade because he is such a kind and caring member of our classroom and a wonderful role model for others. Thank you Kyle for being AWESOME!

Grade One/Two O’D - Sophie C

Sophie could get student of the week every week of her life because of her perfect attitude and commitment to learning. This week she has been resilient and looking after all her classmates with kindness and respect! SO SUPER SOPHIE !

Grade Three/Four C - Maddie H

Congratulations Maddie! Maddie has been dedicated to her learning this week and working hard to remain on task. She has been consistently giving 100% to all tasks and has really impressed with her ability to research, take notes, and rewrite information into her own words. Keep up the fantastic work Maddie.

Grade Three/Four J - Noah B

Noah has been in super form this week and is deserving of our student of the week. Noah has really applied himself to his work and because of that, the work he is producing is excellent. He has worked extremely hard on his integrated project and I can’t wait to see the finished product. Well done Noah on a fantastic week champ!

Grade Five/Six R - Ned A

Ned has been demonstrating ‘Respect and Honesty’ in his work this week. Ned has been working hard in the classroom, putting in his best effort in to his work. Well done on a great week Ned.

Grade Five/Six G/W - Kobi M

Kobi has been a superstar in the classroom of late and has been making both teachers very happy. His energy and enthusiasm make all those around him happier and he has been demonstrating that he is focused during work time, listening well and completing some great work. Not surprisingly, his greatest focus has been during Math time, particularly during the competitive times tables races where he was the only student to make it into the 20 second time mark on Thursday. You’re finishing the term on a high Kobe, keep up the stellar work!