Student of the Week

Marong Primary School ‘Students of the Week’ are recognised for demonstrating our school values of ‘Responsibility,’ ‘Honesty’ and ‘Respect.’ We acknowledge the following students for their efforts this week;

Grade Prep-One Mr Stacey - Kia C
Kia has been a superstar onsite and at home with her school work. She was constantly completing tasks, uploading to Dojo and was a real leader in the class room being very helpful and supportive. Well done Kia!

Grade Prep-One Mrs Cook/Mrs Taylor -Alby T
For demonstrating persistence and confidence during home schooling. Alby you have tried really hard with your work and when joining each zoom session always have something to share. We are very proud with your efforts and cannot wait to see you back in the classroom. Well done buddy!!!

Grade Prep/One O’Donoghue-Abbie S
I am so so so so so impressed with how far Abbie has come in her learning. She has always been a hard worker but now she is starting to see the reward of her efforts and a dramatic improvement in her work. Abbie has a great approach to school and a can do attitude which is why she has been so successful. Keep it up Abbie!

Grade Two-Three Ms Roediger - Lana M
Congratulations Lana! You consistently demonstrate all of Marong Primary School's Values - Respect, Honesty and Responsibility. Throughout Remote Learning you have continued to try your hardest and present high quality work! We have also LOVED your amazing and very creative Zoom outfits. Well done Lana, keep up the AMAZING attitude!

Grade Two-Three Mr Riordan - Oliver Clark
For demonstrating ‘Responsibility’ and ‘Resilience’ in his learning this week. Oliver has been working really hard this week, using the project this week to show all of his learning. I have really enjoyed seeing the quality of work coming through each and every day. Oliver always attends our morning Zoom meeting, showing that he is dedicated to his learning and connecting with his friends. Well done on an amazing week Oliver.

Grade Four-Five Miss Cooney-Nash M
Congratulations to Nash. Nash has displayed all our school values during remote learning. He consistently completes and uploads all work tasks to Dojo as well as working hard when at school. Nash has been taking responsibility for his learning by completing tasks to a high standard. Keep up the superstar work Nash!

Grade Four-Five Ms Patching/Mr Saddlier-Dylan T
For displaying all of our school values. Dylan is proving to be a wonderful member of our classroom since arriving this term. He quickly made a lot of friends and since being in lockdown, Dylan has continued to work hard, just like he does in the classroom. Dylan is a regular contributor on our daily zoom chats and uploads all set tasks. Great work Dylan.

Grade Six Mr Johnstone - Bell O
Bella has had a great couple of weeks and has been working super hard during remote learning. I am so impressed with her work ethic and attitude. She should be extremely proud of her efforts these last few week, well done Bella! Keep up the fantastic work.