Student Leadership

After an application and interview process, the following students have been selected to represent our school as leaders in 2021. The School Leadership Team and outgoing School Captains were on the selection panel and were blown away by the confidence and response to questions by all applicants.

School Captains               Isabella W and Michael S

School Vice Captains        Max O and Miranda F

The following students were elected by their peers to lead their House in 2021.

Barling House Captains           Max O, Miranda F

Vice Captains                           Michael S, Rhylan S

Brennan House Captains         Will D, Tayte T

Vice Captain                             Harrison S, Riley M

Jeffrey House Captains            Allie G, Will H

Vice Captain                            Tye S, Valentino L

Phillips House Captains           Jack L, Harrison O

Vice Captains                          Isabella W, Ashleigh M

A huge congratulations to all of the students listed above. We wish you all the very best in your role this year.